Friday, March 7, 2014

More Embarrassingly Bad Album Covers

Because I can never get enough of this kind of stuff, here's another round of ridiculously awful album covers. They don't make them like they used to, folks! (Thankfully.) Enjoy!  ~  JH

Mr. Creepy is more like it.

Let me guess: She plays one, the dog plays the other?

I'm waiting with bated breath to listen to this one!

Carolyn, the "Gospel Music Queen." How wonderful! 
But can she earn the coveted title of "Dancing Queen"?

Overconfidence might be a better word for it.

He looks the same to me in all the pictures. Gaudy!

Get back, Randy Jack, with that body language of yours!

Some people should not be allowed to create. Anything.

It's a "Who Can Rock The Ugliest Toupee Party"?
Not surprisingly, it's a five-way tie!!!

Hope that's his daughter, or otherwise it looks
like Jimmy's got a Lolita thing going on here.

Featuring the hit songs "Rain Or Shine," "Handled With
Care," and the chart-topping smash, "Don't Bite Me, Dawg!"

I thought product placement was bad in today's culture.

Let's just hope it's pronounced "Skits."

Ahh, my eyes, my eyes!!!

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

They say that sex sells. Work it, girl!

Hey, sailor...

This gothed-out doll right here is my baby, that's who.

Bill Bell kicks brass!

Translation: "Little Lord Fauntleroy 
Sings The Blues." (No, not really.)

We have conquered the banquet hall. Hallelujah!

Capt. Sky really knows how to throw a "Concerned Party."
It's absolutely the best time you can have without smiling.

Okay, he he Nick. What are you, Jo, a he or a she?

He was just looking for an excuse to wear his suit of
armor. And to have some cute chicks hanging on his arm.

Picking his way to outer space!

I think this is some kind of political statement.
But I don't get it. Sorry, Dog Soldier.

I certainly hope they're talking about the political group.

And they look so rad doing it, too.

Featuring the hit songs "Hands Behind Your Head",
"Lock And Key," and the breakout hit of the 
summer, "We Have Ways To Make You Talk"

Translation: "A Face Only A Mother Could Love."

Well, maybe you should close your legs, Lena!


Listen, Son. The Boogeyman is real. I know. I'm him, Son.

Nice hat, dude.

There he is. I've been looking all over for him.

Hate to break it to you, fellas, but you'll never be Royals.

Nice to know I'm not the only one.  (Lighten up, I'm joking.)

"I'm too sexy for this phone booth."  ~  Gary

Love those satin outfits! Not!

As everyone knows, Utopia must include hot air balloons.

What's your conjoined twin's name, Dave? Just asking...

Bad thing is, so will the elephant...

Let's not and say we did, mmkay?

That's a lot of denim. And hairspray. Ah, the '80s!

No pressure, Steve!

I would be, too!

Farta so funny. Do again, big brother!

This is ridiculous. But if I'd been alive, I would probably
have bought this crap. Because, duh, it's Colonel Sanders!

No time like the present, Tony Tee.

Jesus' Trumpets. Well, that's music to my ears!

Ahh, my eyes, my eyes! Oh wait, I already used that one.

This is like an Awkward Family Photos
post. Except without the familial excuses.

"Yodeling For Jesus." Need I comment further?

Even established artists make odd choices at times.

I don't even know what to say about this.

No...just, no.

And his mustache. He also loves his mustache.

Land ho! What, that's not land? Oh, you're right.
It's just Kjell again, peeking up over the horizon.
When is he ever going to get tired of doing that?

Walking on the moon. Eating hot dogs. This is the life!

And the band played on...

If you want their bodies, and you think they're sexy,
you might be homosexual. They might be, too.

Okay then...


Now, Ted, how are you ever going to shoot your
guns with those guitars welded to your arms?

Well, so it is! Good to see you, Wally!

Cheer up, Julie. I'll buy you the Lamborghini next year.

Because it's so against the law to dance with knives!

With this blog, you just never know...

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